Nielsen: Apple iPad still has 82% United States market share

According to foreign media reports, according to market research company Nielsen (Nielsen) new survey Apple iPad in the United States market share is still as high as 82%. Nielsen said iPad version which 3G the market share of possession for the 43%,WiFi version of the iPad has a market share of 39%. Market share in the second place is the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but its market share of only 4%. Dell Streak to 3% share in the third place, followed by Motorola Xoom, a market share of 2%.

Survey also found that about half of the tablet computer users are using their own Tablet PC user on its own, some 43% users and others with a tablet computer. There are also user 35% claims to reduce or even completely after the purchase a Tablet desktop computer is no longer used. About 32% of users just reduced desktop computer usage.

Tablet PC usage on ebook reader also caused some impact. Found 27% eBook reader users claim that infrequently after he purchased a tablet or a full eBook reader is no longer used, 27% users stick with ebook readers, eBook reader users said about 25% just reduced eBook reader usage.

Nielsen’s survey also found that female users tend to use the Apple iPad, and male users tend to use the Android mobile phone.

Nielsen on the user to select a Tablet investigated the reasons, found that users select Tablet PC Tablet is the biggest cause of portability, users select tablets for other reasons also include: the interface is simple, fast boot and shutdown, easy, small size, application can be used in multiple locations, fast, and light weight, and so on.

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